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You’re Not Alone

July 28, 2012 8 comments

For years I felt like I was alone in my search for a reason for the chronic pain and for an effective treatment. I was in a very bad place, for sure my lowest point in my 39 years of life, when I finally found an online support group with other Piriformis Syndrome sufferers.
It’s a private group moderated by a beautiful, compassionate, knowledgeable moderator with dozens of members alike.

You’re not alone, and the pain is not in your head. It is real, and there is hope of eliminating it or greatly reducing it. If you want to learn from dozens of other like you, or if you just want to vent to those who will open their hearts and ears to you any time of the day, as often as you need, I recommend joining this group.

Yahoo Piriformis Syndrome Group

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