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OTC and Prescription Medication

July 28, 2012 2 comments

In my experience there wasn’t a magic pill, patch or combination of pills that provided the relief needed to live a pain-free life. Listed here are the medications I tried and the results. Hopefully I can save you some time experimenting and some potential unwanted side effects.

1. Gabapentin – Sadly, for me, I didn’t experience any pain relief. Furthermore, I became slow to think and react. Family and friends who didn’t know I was taking it asked me what was wrong with me; I wasn’t my normal, witty, happy self. When it came to work I was like a turtle in an office full of rabbits. For me, this wasn’t a medication I tolerated well.

2. Lyrica – I gained about 30 lbs while taking this and didn’t experience any pain relief.

3. St. John’s Wort – This was very effective pain relief. It’s OTC and inexpensive. I never took more than 900mg a day (which usually equates to three capsules, but there are 900mg capsules).

4. Lidoderm Patch – Sadly, for me, I didn’t experience any pain relief.

I recommend finding a caring pain management physician that has experience treating Piriformis Syndrome sufferers. If you come across a physician who isn’t familiar with it you may find yourself having to convince them that you really are in severe chronic pain. Piriformis Syndrome is extremely difficult to prove without a Provocative EMG test. Bring your test results with you to the pain management physician and your credibility may be established more quickly than if you walked in with nothing but complaints and a plea for help. Hang in there. You’re not alone.

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