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Tips to Breakthrough Piriformis Syndrome Pain

July 28, 2012 4 comments

Over the last five years I’ve tried countless things to get relief from the pain that would come without fail when sitting.

The three things that worked best for me were Stretching, Icing and a TENS unit (or S.I.T. for short).

I recommend a few stretches, starting with the single-most effective stretch:

1. “Neuro-flossing” is the name it goes by with some. On a side note when I told my surgeon about this stretch he had never heard of it, which is humorous since he knows how to treat piriformis syndrome so well. My guess is that “Neuro-flossing” isn’t a medical term.
Regardless, it was effective for me instantly…I’m talking within a matter of minutes. Try doing this several times a day in hopes of bringing the 8/9 pain down to a 5/6. Rather than trying to explain the stretch to you, just watch this video (it’s an oldie but goody). Here are some other stretches that helped me breakthrough the pain.

2. Ice is your friend, however, it can be a messy, wet, annoying one. For me, ice was also very effective in bringing 8/9 pain down to a 5/6 within 30 minutes. I grew tired of ice packs so I recommend this product.

3. Shock the pain away with a small portable TENS unit. This was very effective for me to not only bring 8/9 pain to a 3/4, it also delayed the onset of pain from coming on as quick as it would otherwise. Now, wearing a TENS unit is not fun, but neither is the pain. It’s a lesser of two evils and an effective means to an end. I liked this unit.

I hope this advice helps some of you bring the pain down a bit. Hang in there. You’re not alone. I encourage others to post their breakthrough methods here to give help and hope to others.

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