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Donations to keep blog going…

January 18, 2017 20 comments

Quick update to my original post from about two hours ago (see below):

There’s no link to go to to send a donation. You can only send one to me if you have a PayPal account. You simply log in to your PayPal account (either on the web or on the free app) and click on Send Money. Then, enter my email address as the Recipient, and then the amount you wish to donate. 

Thanks again!

Hi Everyone,

If anyone would like to make a small donation that will go towards the WordPress hosting cost I will be grateful. You will need a Paypal account to send money to me at Please know that even if I don’t raise enough to cover the cost I will renew it again myself like I have for the last three years. This year has been rough for me financially due to another sports related injury which landed me in surgery last Friday. 

That’s twice now in my life that working out has led to a serious injury, chronic pain, and eventually surgery. Gotta love the irony. 


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An article that chronic pain sufferers can relate with…

October 4, 2016 10 comments

Just wanted to share this article with you all. My five year battle with chronic pain made this article feel as if it was written about my own journey.


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Urgent Question for the Group

January 7, 2016 118 comments

Hello Everyone,

On Feb. 6 my blog is set to expire. I’m curious if the group feels this blog is truly helping others? If it is I’m happy to renew it again for another year.

Best Regards,


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An Unimaginable Weekend

July 22, 2013 19 comments

If there was any doubt that I am cured from chronic pain caused by Piriformis Syndrome let me recap my weekend. I ran a total of six miles on Friday, played 18 holes of golf (at a course 1.5 hours from home) on Saturday and another 18 holes on Sunday. And, if that wasn’t enough, I did 1.5 hours of yard work late Sunday afternoon.

This was a weekend I could only dream of until recently…until I took a hard look in the mirror and said what more can I do to break through the recovery ceiling from surgery. The answer was counter-intuitive…I needed to exercise and be active. Surgery is the primary reason I am cured because exercise without surgery was useless. For me, I needed to change my lifestyle and become active once again about one year after surgery to truly attain my goal of being pain free 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The reason I didn’t make the choice to change my lifestyle sooner was because I was terrified I would trigger the chronic Piriformis Syndrome pain to resurface. I am no longer scared. Exercise is what my body needs.   

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